What is a copywriter?

If you tell someone you're a copywriter, nine times out of ten they don't know what the profession entails. They immediately think of the word 'copyright', but copywriting of course has nothing to do with copyright. But what does a copywriter do? Does he or she only write texts? Certainly not! In this blog we will tell you what copywriting is all about.

Definition copywriter

For the sake of convenience many copywriters sometimes say they are a writer, because people understand that term. But that's not actually true. A writer writes informative texts, whereas copywriters mainly write commercial texts.

The definition of a copywriter is therefore "A copywriter who specializes in writing promotional texts". With this description you are still short-changing the copywriter, because a copywriter does much more than just writing promotional texts.

The activities of a copywriter

Many people think, wrongly, that copywriters only deal with writing. However, the tasks of a copywriter are much more extensive than that. Besides (re)writing, editing and translating texts we also offer services such as content marketing, content strategy and SEO advice.

Content marketing

Copywriters often engage in content marketing as well. Content marketing is all about creating a long-term relationship with your target audience, by confronting them with the right content at the right moments. When you engage your audience with relevant content during different stages of the customer journey, they will remember you first once they enter the decision phase of the customer journey. When creating this content, copywriters often apply storytelling. 

Content strategy

Haphazardly distributing content without working towards a specific goal is a waste of time. That is why we always recommend formulating a strong content strategy. This allows you to use a consistent line in all your expressions and make improvements in the website measurable. With a content strategy we first map out your target group. We look at who your target group is, where their needs lie and what you do to fulfill those needs. Based on this information you determine for a longer period what content best meets those needs.

Search engine optimization (SEO) advice

As a copywriter, you can write the most beautiful texts, but they will be useless if no one finds them. For this reason we, copywriters of Endeavour, also provide search engine optimization advice. We scan a website for the right keywords and the right technique, and we advise how the website could be better structured for search engine purposes.

You may now be wondering: does this really have much effect? Yes it does! One of our customers saw their turnover increase by 318% after three months thanks to our SEO-proof web texts. In addition, the number of new visitors increased by 73%. Not convinced yet? Then take a look at all our cases.

Getting started? 

Hire a copywriter and you get much more than 'just' a copywriter. A copywriter creates valuable content, in the broadest sense of the word. Do you want to increase the number of visitors and convert them into converting visitors? Then a copywriter is exactly what you need. Make sure your texts are more convincing and better found by leaving the writing to a copywriter. Do you need a good content strategy? Then Endeavour is the right place for you. Check out what we can do for you on our website or contact us for a free consultation!

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