Events in the industry: to go or not to go?

Last week it was AdNight again. A well-known event in the marketing industry. Anyone who went to the toilet during the event must have spotted one or more job vacancy posters there. If within your team nobody is looking for a new job, you will probably ignore them. But, what if next week half the team is looking because they found another job that night?!

Hopefully, in the meantime, you can breathe easy. Your team had a great night, the embarrassing videos and endless stream of photos will circulate through the company for months to come and everyone is still comfortable in their seats. The team is happy. 

Digital marketing is a fast-changing field. Trends that are hot and happening today may be passé tomorrow. That is why it is vital that everyone continues to develop. Whether you do that by attending AdNight or by doing a new course or workshop. 

In short, yes you will always run the risk of losing colleagues. But if you are a close and happy team, you are much more likely to have a really fun team event from which everyone will also learn something. See you there next time?

“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they say.”

— Richard Branson


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