Endeavour staff goes to jail

From designer or copywriter to cell dweller, most of the colleagues at digital agency Endeavour did not see that coming. "At first we thought it was a joke, but it turned out to be our boards actual plan," says one of the employees. "Now that we're here, it's not so bad. You get used to everything, even a cell!

The cell in question is of course one of the cells in the renovated jailhouse the Koepel in Haarlem. The building, used until 2016 as a prison, opened its doors again earlier this year. This time not for prisoners, but for companies with an affinity for digital tech, a cinema, restaurants and Haarlem University. Now the Koepel has become a tech campus. 

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The Koepel for technology, innovation and creativity 

Matthijs van Schendelen, Commercial Director and partner at Endeavour, is one of a few innovative local entrepreneurs to re-develop the Koepel.  He says: "Like us, the Koepel stands for innovation and creativity. We constantly aim to stay ahead of the game in order to help our customers even better. The fact that we now have our own film studio, for example, offers enormous potential. The Koepel is one of those initiatives that every company wants to be a part of". 

The Koepel has already proved to be a thriving location that attracts a lot of initiative. In the first 70 days after its opening, no less than 135 tech and marketing events were organised. As a result, the Koepel received some 6,500 visitors. This puts Endeavour at the heart of the digital transition in the Netherlands. 

Endeavour in the Koepel

"The creative heart of Endeavour moves to the Koepel. This includes the growing Content department which develops digital-first campaigns, social content, video productions and influencer activations. For this group in particular the Koepel symbolises a new phase. At this perfect location, we will use our own vision to take our creative work to an even higher level," says Creative Director Roeland de Jong. 

"In short, the ideal place for Endeavour to grow, in every sense of the word," concludes Van Schendelen.


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