Endeavour has it: the first hallmark for Dutch online marketing agencies

NVM, Bouwgarant, Bovag: they have all become terms that stand for the quality of estate agents, contractors and car dealers and repairers. Because when you are buying or renovating a house (or a car) you can use a bit of security. That still stands when you outsource your digital marketing. 

Yet certainty is sometimes hard to find, because every digital marketing agency guards quality in a different way. That's why it's hard to know how good the work is that an agency delivers. Until now! OnlineMarketing.nl has created the first marketing hallmark and Endeavour is the first to carry it, together with seven other agencies.  

With eight other leading online marketing agencies - spread across the Netherlands - OnlineMarketing.nl launches their quality mark. The main goal is to make our beautiful industry more fair and transparent and to contribute to all entrepreneurs and companies in the Netherlands experiencing the true potential of a good online marketing strategy.

The quality of Endeavour

The basis of the quality mark is formed by a code of honour to which all participating agencies subscribe. The OnlineMarketing.nl quality mark stands for Result-oriented, Transparent, Honest, Involved and Innovative. At Endeavour, we find all these qualities extremely important. Therefore, with every project we draw up a plan for the best result, which we share with the client. We make results transparent and clients can always contact us with questions or feedback. We also keep an eye on new techniques and strategies in the industry, so our specialists are constantly aware of new developments that will help us achieve better results for our clients. 

Martijn Berns, Managing Director & Partner, says: "You guarantee quality by giving people the chance to perform optimally. That is why our specialists work together both within and outside their field of expertise. In knowledge teams, specialists can learn from colleagues doing the same work, thus keeping knowledge up-to-date. In multidisciplinary teams, colleagues learn about other areas of expertise, so we can look at projects from different angles in order to offer the best solution to our clients."

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