E-commerce conversion rate report

Average conversion rate webshop: where do you stand?

An average conversion rate for web shops says a lot. It is often the key performance indicator for e-commerce parties. This statistic shows how the percentage of purchases relates to the number of website visitors. If the rate is high, then you are attracting the right visitors who are also happy to proceed to purchase from you. But if it is consistently low, then it could be that your visitors have doubts. For example, about your products themselves, the purchasing process or the risk they run when they purchase your products. 

To see whether the conversion rate of a webshop is high or low, we have created the e-commerce conversion ratio benchmark report. 

What data do you find in the e-commerce conversion ratio benchmark report?

  • Average conversion rate per industry: whether you are in furniture or in baby and children's products
  • Average conversion rate by country: if you are operating abroad, or have the ambition to cross the border
  • Average conversion rate per channel: compare your performance on Facebook, for example, or see how your Google Ads are doing in relative terms

Compare your statistics with those of your competitors and see where you could improve!

Download your report via this link

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