Creative director Roeland tells about the M100 and Advertisingagency100

On Wednesday the 7th of december, the Advertising Agency100 and the Media100 were announced. These lists compiled by MarketingReport bring together the most influential people in the media landscape. Our Group Creative Director Roeland de Jong was nominated for both lists and reached no. 94 in the Advertising Agency100. What does he actually think about that? 

"When I heard I was nominated of course I thought it was cool! Especially for the Advertising Agency100, I immediately got very excited. But when the Media100 was added, it went straight through the roof. In my opinion, these two worlds, advertising and media, are inseparable. I always try to unite them in my work. That makes these two nominations extra cool. 

What would crazy Roel do? 

Getting nominated and eventually seeing your name on one of the lists is cool of course, but there are always two sides to a medal. Personally, for instance, I find it quite hard to 'own' this kind of appreciation. I don't work for the medals or awards, but because I just love doing it. Still, it's amazing when something like this is added. Then I ask myself the question: what would crazy Roel do? 

Influence brings responsibility 

The evening itself was awesome! It is very cool to be among such big names. Of course, this appreciation from further afield also brings a certain responsibility. When you are influential, I think that is part of it. I try to use that influence in a possitive way by always looking for meaning in our projects. That can be anything from a healthier lifestyle for the target group to inclusiveness in our campaigns. That's how I do my bit." 

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