Bel Group chooses Endeavour for influencer marketing

After a pitch, the dairy producer, known for cheese brands Boursin, La Vache qui rit, Babybel and Nurishh, chose Endeavour as its influencer marketing agency. 

The agency will advise Bel Group on both strategic and executive levels. Strategy Director John Meulemans explains: "Bel Group's products have real brand fans and lend themselves for beautiful storytelling and influencer marketing. Our track record in influencer marketing, experience within FMCG and social media expertise were decisive for Bel Group to choose Endeavour." Meanwhile, the first always-on influencer programme for Boursin, in which multiple influencers bring attention to the brand throughout the year, has been launched.

Bel Group launched 2022 with a new communication approach in which the strategic use of influencer marketing plays an important part. 

Marketing Manager Lotte Kooij-Oldemaat of Bel Group: "The strategic approach of Endeavour particularly appeals to us. All campaigns are developed from A to Z into an always-on layer that makes optimal use of the budget. We expect a lot from the collaboration!"


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Herwin van den Berg

Managing Director Strategy, Concepts & Content & Partner

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