Multiple stores? Here is 5 local SEO pointers for excellent findability

If your company has several branches, you would like to attract as many people as possible from the region to the nearest branch. But how do you make sure that the local branch is also found well online and not just the general website? Two words: local SEO.


Local SEO

With local SEO you optimize your website so that the local branch pages are findable in the relevant region. Very useful if you want to attract people in the neighbourhood (or on the road) to your branch. But coming out on top in the local search results is not easy. Below we give you 5 points to cover if you want to make your local branches easy to find online.

1. The local site page

Local SEO is mainly about the local business pages. These are a number of pages on your central website that revolve around the individual branches. On these pages you place all the information relevant to the local branch. Think for example of opening hours, contact information, services or products. Do more than just a branch overview. Provide unique content on each page. For example, introduce your team, post recent news and/or show local promotions. 

2. Google My Business

Register each branch on Google My Business. Fill in everything that applies and make the local profile as complete as possible. When registering, make sure you stay consistent. Make sure you fill out the local information correspondingly all over the web. Don’t vary names, addresses or other information. Google values clarity, and inconsistency is not clarity.

3. Technically optimized

 Technical optimization is, of course, also important for local business pages. Consider a number of points of interest here. First, avoid duplicate content: do not use one template. In addition, place sufficient (not too many) local keywords in the heading, title and body. And do not forget to include the local pages in the sitemap.

4. Structured data

With structured data you make it clear to search engines what the information on your page means. With the ‘Schema Markup’ for local business you mark all important information of the local branch. It is therefore clear to search engines what the address, opening hours and telephone number of the local branch are, among other things. While you are at it with structured data, immediately add the ‘Open Graph’ to your branch. This is similar to the ‘Schema Markup’, but then for Facebook.

5. Local link building

Link building is important for your entire website, including the branch pages. On your local pages you go for local links. Therefore, look for blogs in the area, websites of local events and other organizations in the area. Also register with a number of local online registries. For example, think of local store registries, collective websites for opening hours and telephone directories. However, do not register on too many online registries. This is because it is difficult to adjust should there be changes in, for example, opening hours.


Get started

Local SEO is important for local establishments. Therefore, apply the above five factors and boost your local findability. More people from the neighborhood will find your establishment online and offline and your number of visitors will grow. Good to pick up!


Are you curious how local SEO can make your individual branches easy to find in the region? Contact Endeavour and discover the growth opportunities for your business. 

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