Media buying

Make a giant impression

How do you reach your target audience most effectively? The answer is media buying. When you replace manual media buying with a Demand Side Platform (DSP), all sorts of puzzle pieces fall into place within milliseconds. With media buying, you buy advertising space automatically and position your brand cast-iron with Rich Media formats. You can also advertise on high-quality websites and use native advertising. In this way, you can achieve results that speak for themselves. 

Strategy and implementation

When we get started with media buying, we first establish a strategic foundation. Because: strategy without execution is useless and execution without strategy is purposeless. While media buying is a welcome breath of fresh air for large advertisers, it is not without risk. You need strategy, experienced specialists and high-quality ads. 

Strategy. We carefully map out segmentation, targeting and positioning. That way we know for sure that we are appealing to the right target group with the right placements. 

Experienced specialists. It only becomes successful when driven digital specialists are behind the wheel who implement the strategy flawlessly. 

High-quality ads. Establish your brand with Automatic Page Take Overs, native ads or impressive interscrollers. The possibilities are virtually endless. 

Relevant ads for maximum results

With Demand Side Platforms, we are able to buy ad space in real time based on segments, behavior or specific triggers. The continuous influx of data ensures maximum results, provided you push the right buttons. Advanced algorithms analyze consumer behavior and dish out the “right” ad to the “right” person. However, these algorithms need guidance. With experienced specialists at the controls, you can prevent incorrect settings and ensure that you make optimal use of your marketing budget.

Get straight to the point

Who speaks digital body language better than data-driven tools do? Right. With media buying, you get straight to the point. In real-time auctions, you buy media space automatically and at lightning speed. You can imagine: this is much more efficient and effective than buying advertising space in magazines, newspapers and trade magazines. Throw a scoop of data on top of that and you measure the impact of your campaigns perfectly. This is how you ensure maximum results. 

How we operate

Ready? Set, action!

Media buying opens all kinds of doors to your target audience that you didn’t even know existed before. Advanced algorithms analyze consumer behavior and know when someone is ready to make a purchase or needs to make first contact with a new face. With Endeavour’s specialists at the helm, you’re sure to make a giant impression on your target audience. 

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