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Attracting new customers costs money. That’s no secret. But getting more conversions from existing customers is an easier (and cheaper) game. You already own this gold mine, you just need to deploy it correctly. And you do that with email marketing.

Email marketing is the cheapest marketing channel. With e-mail you attract potential customers and get more sales from existing customers. It is the best medium where you can communicate with your customers on a personal level. Organize your e-mail marketing well, you will increase customer loyalty and increase the number of repeat purchases. Have we made you curious yet?

Get a grip on the entire customer journey

From a warm welcome to a service-oriented email after purchase. Your customer feels understood and personally guided during their visit to your brand.

The customer receives personalized emails that address their exact needs. This is a close game because needs change every moment of the day. Our email marketing specialists find that golden moment in the customer journey and capitalize on the opportunity immediately with converting emails in the inbox.

Imagine your brand sells workout supplements. You know the pre-workout powder runs out after three months. We personalize the customer journey by emailing pre-workout buyers with a stock reminder after 2.5 months. By clearly segmenting your customer base, we are able to create these 1-to-1 emails. This way we increase Customer Lifetime Value and get more sales from an existing customer. Saves marketing budget again! 😉

“Hey Max, are those muscles growing yet? Your pre-workout powder is due for a new supply. Order it here quickly at the click of a button. Can you get back into that gym soon ;)”

Thanks to these ultra-relevant emails, you will only see your conversion value increase.

Outsourcing email marketing to specialists

Whatever your needs, at Endeavour we work with email marketing specialists who take advantage of every opportunity, at every stage. Get inspired by a classic customer journey in e-commerce:

See: The Welcome Flow. We trigger your first-time website visitors with a discount in exchange for leaving an email address. This is how we build a powerful customer base. 

Think: Have your customers viewed your products, but haven’t put anything in their shopping cart? We convince them with personalized email, including the products they viewed. They receive this email an hour after viewing. This way we respond to the right need at the right time. 

Do: The abandoned shopping cart… your customer is already well into the customer journey, but doesn’t complete the purchase. We alert these customers by email to their unfinished purchase process. An average of 2.5% still converts. Count your profits.

Care: We keep the customer updated on their ordered product and ask them for a review after a few days, weeks or months.

The above are just examples. We personalize your email flows based on what your brand needs.

E-mail marketing is here to stay

Customer insight, without cookies

Third party cookies are gone, so we have less insight into customer behavior. Without cookies, you can’t avoid asking for information directly from the customer. But customers don’t just hand over their personal information on a tray. That requires a strong pot of persuasion.

Case example:

Day 1: someone visits your website and signs up for the newsletter in exchange for a discount code

Day 2: they receive an email saying, “Hey there, how nice of you to join the [brand name] club now! At [brand name] we like to make things a little more personal. Do you like it when we call you by your first name from now on? Then leave your name here: [….].

With email marketing, you know your customer through and through, based on first party data. And with the disappearance of cookies, now is the time to start email marketing.

Personal down to the last letter

Unlike paid advertising and other marketing media, email marketing allows you to engage with your customers on a personal level. Instead of a generic message, your customers receive an e-mail that seamlessly addresses his or her needs. 

To explain…

Have they placed products in their shopping cart but not made a purchase? Within an hour, they will receive an email to complete their order. Of course, the content in this mail is fully personalized so that we increase the probability of purchase.

Want to get even more out of your email marketing? Enrich your customer profiles and start building a Customer Data Platform. 

But how?

  • We get to know you and your customer as if we were a colleague during the kick-off meeting
  • We inventory the customer journey per target group. Because not every customer has the same journey and needs.
  • We brainstorm how we can best pull the target group through the customer journey. Where are the touch points and where do the opportunities lie?

Once we have the basics mapped out, we get to work:


Email marketing is crucial when third-party cookies disappear. It is the ideal way to voluntarily collect zero-party data and strengthen the relationship between brand and customer. So start email marketing not tomorrow, but today!

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