Data Intelligence

clear insight into your data and opportunities

Making decisions based on your gut feeling is no longer an option. Data-driven marketing is the foundation for your brand's success. Successful email campaigns, higher conversion rates and an optimized customer journey from A to Z. This is just the beginning of what data can do for you. We translate data into crystal clear opportunities for your brand. Where can you grow and where can you achieve more sales through quick wins?

The foundation of your success

Data is the foundation of the big picture. We build successful campaigns, converting email flows and improve the customer experience with CRM tools like HubSpot. We gather, enrich and monetize your data. We then translate this into KPIs to closely monitor your growth. Whether we’re talking about qualitative leads, market share or higher sales.

But we don’t focus on the numbers. You know your brand best and we listen carefully to what is happening on your shop floor. In addition, we immerse ourselves in your market and continuously stay abreast of trends, so that you stay ahead of the competition.

Thanks to this golden mix of data, market knowledge and specialization, we grow together towards your brand ambitions.

What can we do for you?

At Endeavour, we understand that every business decision has consequences. To make the right choice, you need to be able to rely on your data. With our data monitoring services, all important data points are transparent and you can substantiate every choice. 

GA4, GTM, Cookies and Server Side tracking: we make all the important data points on your website measurable and ensure that the data is correct. Because that’s the basis.

HubSpot: guide your potential customers smoothly through the marketing funnel and deliver them to sales on a silver platter.

CDP: segment, optimize and personalize down to the individual with a Customer Data Platform.

Dashboarding: you are always up to date with the results and see your KPIs in real time in your personal dashboard.

Collaborating with Endeavour

Clear communication and teamwork is the foundation for success. We’ll tell you how we get started for you:

Make the right call

Working data-driven is an absolute must.  Thanks to data, we visualize patterns in customer behavior in a dashboard and even discover new ways to generate revenue for our customers. This way you make optimal use of your marketing budget. As a brand, you simply make better decisions that generate more sales in the short and long term.

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