Cinematic storytelling
By rebranding and platform building

Grab some popcorn, because our client Vue Cinemas came to us with the most entertaining briefing: design and maintain a website and several apps to help us grow conversions.


From platform to experience

On 14 February 2016, the well-known cinema brand JT Bioscopen was renamed Vue Cinemas. As one of the two biggest players in cinema exploitation in the Netherlands, Vue Cinemas faced critical challenges involving vast amounts of users on their website and app. And all those users wanted to easily book their tickets. But we wanted to go further than that: we wanted to create a Vue experience.
From platform to experience
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Appreciated by cinema lovers

We got started on their conversion-oriented webpage right away. Here, customers can book a ticket, watch a trailer and even save a movie for later. All their movie needs are fulfilled. Later, we started on several other apps, of which one is specially designed for the training of new employees.

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A successful premier

Within months, the app was downloaded 300,000 times! About 600,000 customers created their account on the web page, proving that the Vue experience meets all their needs.

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