A cross-channel campaign
With a wake up call that reached the news

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! But what about a piece of meat a day? New research shows that eating too much meat isn’t as healthy as we thought. That’s why Voedingscentrum launched a campaign on eating less meat, directed to the biggest meat-eaters: men.

Eating meat is a part of being a bold man in Western culture . That’s why men on average eat more meat than women. So our biggest challenge was to change that perception. To change culture.

There’s more than meat

We would never say that we changed culture on our own. But our campaign “there’s more than meat” was the talk of the day. We shot cool men in funny t-shirts that drew attention to the great alternatives to meat, and worked together with influencers to address the subject even more. On the landing page, we explained why it is so important to eat less meat.

Results up to our canteen

Our campaign caught the eyes of many news sites and tv shows. The question of whether meat makes a man was the topic of the week. And with all that attention, came more free publicity than we ever accounted for. We are so convinced by our own campaign that Meatless Monday has been a phenomenon in our cafeteria ever since

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