A new brand identity
Engage became unlike others.

VANAD Engage is a unique partner in customer contact. With a new positioning, branding and campaign, we made this visible to clients and the labor market.

Sweet spot: humanity meets technology

When we think about customer service, activities like picking up the phone and answering emails come to mind. VANAD Engage does more than that. We emphasize this with the payoff: Unlike others.
Sweet spot: humanity meets technology

Making a difference in distinctive customer experience

Improving customer contact through data and insights

A partner that helps you grow your organization

Customer contact as a mean to achieve business goals

Technology, people and data make every customer contact easy, personal and valuable. This makes customer contact an asset to achieve business objectives. We translate this positioning visually into conversation dots, which are represented in the new logo but can also be used independently.
Customer contact as a mean to achieve business goals Customer contact as a mean to achieve business goals
Vanad Engage logo

Branding with employees as stars

We also put the humanity of Engage in full focus. The new, unique branding is based on photography, with the employees of Engage as the stars. We implemented this branding in a new tone of voice, website and video. Everything was produced in-house, from the complete website development to the delivery of promotional materials.
Branding with employees as stars

Hi, let’s talk...

The new positioning and branding are the starting point of the campaign "Hi, let’s talk". With a new key visual, social posts and social snippets, Engage presents itself anew to customers and job seekers.

Vanad Engage

Social Snippets

Out of home

"We really entered into a dialogue with each other to get to where we are now, and I am really pleased with how well Endeavour has come to understand the business of Engage in such a short time."

Lenhard Los, CEO - Engage

Vanad Engage

Stay engaged

Even after the delivery of various resources, we remain connected to Engage. We will be rolling out a digital measurement plan to increase the effectiveness of resources.

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