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Writing a tone of voice for tastea

Those who think of tea may not immediately think of a hip, sporty, young brand. But the tastea fan base thinks otherwise. It's up to our copywriters to bring the product and the target group together in catchy texts.

Copy to involve the target group

Tastea is not just tasty tea in a pretty package. It's a lifestyle! A lifestyle that suits fun, sporty, healthy, confident and real women (and men who identify with those values too). Tastea wants to use copy to involve its target group in the brand, in the tasty community and in the Tastea lifestyle. In short, the texts have to convey the tastea feeling. The way to do that is by choosing a deliberate  tone of voice. The tone of voice is actually the way in which you 'talk' to your target group. Endeavour developed a tone of voice which will be the starting point for everyone writing for tastea from now on.

Copy to involve the target group

Focus on getting to know each other

We'll give you a look behind the scenes to show you how such a tone of voice is created.

Knowing that people are reading less and less, it's more important than ever to have the right tone of voice right away. The reader has to be captured by the text within two seconds and feel so drawn to it that he/she continues reading. That's not easy. So it's essential to know who your target audience is and how they want to be addressed.

The target audience for tastea is as follows:

  • mainly women
  • age range: 20 - 60
  • education level: MBO/HBO
  • interests: sport, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, fashion, motherhood, friends

The tone of voice should match the target group, but also reflect the identity of tastea. The brand 'tastea' stands for inclusiveness, diversity, health, fashion & style.

Chatting with the girls

Armed with this knowledge, our experienced copywriters determine what the target group wants to hear and how they want to be 'spoken to'. For tastea, the following tone of voice was established: 

  • Like a friend talking to you
  • Loose and comfortable.
  • Informal
  • With a little wink 
  • Open and approachable.
  • Inclusive


With these (and many more recommendations we've established for the tasty brand book), all marketing staff who (will) write for tastea have a concrete guideline. It ensures that all tastea copy is uniform and recognizable to readers and that they feel addressed in a way that suits them. This means that blogs are read better, social posts are liked more often and there is a much greater chance of conversion.

Tastea got a taste

We used a workshop to train the colleagues at tastea on how to work with the new tone of voice. This way, the document produced is actually used internally and externally.

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