A LinkedIn campaign
To smartly bring in new leads

Adver-Online is market leader in online recruitment of highly educated personnel. They make their clients’ recruitment process simpler, faster and more fun with innovative solutions. This ambitious agency wants to grow considerably and to do so they need a lot of relevant leads. Endeavour fulfilled this assignment with a LinkedIn campaign.

The construction of our LinkedIn campaign

LinkedIn is the place to be for jobseekers and employers looking for new talent. This last group is exactly the target group we want to reach.

We wrote a whitepaper, which LinkedIn users could download for free after leaving their personal details. We made the threshold for leaving data lower by using a form in LinkedIn, instead of linking to a landing page.

Testing for the best results

The advantage of LinkedIn is that you can target very precisely. However, the cost per click is much higher than on other platforms. This makes it even more important that we reach the right target group with our campaigns.

That is why we first tested our campaign using three versions. The only difference was the job title of the user. This way, we could easily find out which target group delivered the best results. After the test, we focused the campaign on this target group.

Stunning results

The efforts of our specialists quickly led to amazing results. In just two months’ time, we saw a doubling of the number of leads, at virtually the same cost per lead (CPA: -2%). In addition, the campaign had a conversion rate of 24.9%.

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