Nowadays, almost everybody likes to shop online. But what's most annoying when searching for an item online? Exactly, an unclear website. That’s why we built the clearest website ever for client Basiclabel. 

As one of the biggest interior stores in the Netherlands, Basiclabel offers its customers a great choice of products. Because of their extensive product range, their new website needed to be ready for the growing e-commerce in their industry. And most important: it needed to be as client-friendly as possible. 

After going back and forth between our designs and the client's feedback, we presented a new website. Important changes were clear headings and homely staged product pictures to contribute to the experience and imagination of the customer. 

With their new website, which is compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile, Basiclabel is ready for the era of e-commerce. We can proudly say that each item is easily found on the website, we tested that ourselves! 

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