When we started working with ALD Automotive over three years ago, we knew that their communication problem wasn’t a quick fix. That’s why we’ve been working closely ever since!

ALD Automotive is one of the 3 biggest lease companies in the Netherlands. But still, their brand awareness needed some attention. Also, ALD Automotive wanted to show all their whereabouts, like how they innovatively support their clients. 

We’ve told so many exciting stories for ALD Automotive. Our favourites: 
  • With the use of interactive whitepapers, we activated lease drivers to also lease an e-bike. 
  • We developed all kinds of communication for special events 
  • We’ve written texts for LinkedIn posts to keep ALD Automotive's story alive continuously.

The number of customers grew by 20% in the last 3 years! Also, brand awareness increased significantly. But the icing on the cake is the award of “Best lease company of the Netherlands” in 2020. 

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