The largest supplier of legal services in the Netherlands got us excited with their briefing. DAS is the helping hand in any kind of legal problem. But customers can be restrained to ask for that help. What can we do about that?

In the eyes of the consumer, the size of DAS makes them inflexible and distant. That’s why DAS didn’t just need a new campaign, they needed a new positioning that showed that they’re an expert with a humane and approachable side.

Together with DAS, we dove into their main principles. The new strategic positioning “DAS, masters in legal help” became the tag-line that shows customers the professional as well as the approachable side of DAS.

We used online, radio and other media to present this new positioning. And with results: brand awareness and brand trust increased amongst the existing as well as in the new, younger target group. So now everyone knows: insured or not, private individuals or SMEs, DAS helps in the way that you need. 

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