If there is one sector that depends on networks and events, it is the B2B sector. With the disappearance of many large events, it is crucial to be in contact with and come into contact with customers and leads, and therefore to focus on other forms of marketing. Most brands have shifted their focus to digital marketing, rightly so as the whole world is more online than ever. But to make a difference in an increasingly busy digital B2B landscape, it is important not to lose the human aspect.

Influencers VS. Thought Leaders 

Influencers are mainly known for B2C marketing, but also prove to be a very effective tool for the business market. According to Forbes, influencer marketing is "the next hottest thing in B2B Marketing" and research from Neoreach indicates that 31% of influencer marketing campaigns in the US are already targeting B2B audiences. Vastly different, but the underlying approach is the same: a brand works with someone with many online followers to create content for sales or positioning. Actually, the term influencer is not appropriate, we prefer to talk about Thought Leaders, industry experts or key opinion leaders.

Thought leadership programs make a brand more human, claim authority and fill the pipeline gap -caused by covid- by generating leads. The goal is always to provide information to make the right business decisions, and this goes through white papers, interviews, infographics, opinion pieces, podcasts, etc. Distribution takes place on LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs and integrated into the brand website.

Swimming in new business

The way you work with them is crucial when deploying Thought Leaders. They need to have as much overlap as possible with your target audience, create content that interests and helps them, and last but not least, you need a program that integrates them strategically into your existing marketing calendar and funnel. Do you have marketing automation software? Even better. Before you know it, you are swimming in new business. Research from Edelman & Linkedin indicates that 55% of B2B decision-makers use Thought Leadership as an important way to determine which organizations they want to work with. Does your organization also have Industry Experts itself? Then we can include them and strengthen their authority even further.

Experts from A to Z

3sixtyfive creates B2B influencer marketing programs for Randstad, KPMG, Eurofiber and Deloitte, among others. We lay the foundation for a program through a solid strategy and concept. After that, Thought Leader matching is crucial, and we take all daily hassle such as briefing, contracting and project management off your hands. Based on reporting and ongoing optimization, we ensure that the pre-agreed KPIs are achieved.

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